Case Study - JW

Prior to living in Caer Las accommodation JW had been in legal custody for a series of offences. He has had an upsetting upbringing and these circumstances led him to alcohol and substance misuse. He had experienced unhealthy, volatile relationships, one of which continued to cause him issues when he first moved into the property. His acquaintances were in similar situations to him and JW wanted to break free from his past problems.

Shortly after being offered accommodation, JW was served a 28 day notice for breaching his licence agreement by allowing his ex partner into the property. Whilst there she caused disturbances and JW broke house rules  (including drinking in communal areas) After being served the notice, which would have resulted in him being homeless,  she was banned from the property and JW decided he would do everything he could to have the decision revoked. After a successful period of over 3 weeks without any disturbances, engaging well with staff and becoming abstinent from alcohol his support worker presented his improvements to management. His notice was revoked and he has had no further issues.

Outcomes achieved

  • Feeling Safe / Contributing to the safety & wellbeing of self and others

    • JW no longer breaches any house rules

    • JW attends all appointments with substance misuse agencies and is no longer taking class A drugs or non prescribed medication

    • JW attends all probation appointments as required

    • JW has not permitted ex partner into the property since being notified she is banned.

  • Managing Accommodation / Managing Relationships / Feeling part of the Community

    • JW maintains his room to a very high standard

    • JW has developed a healthier relationship with his family

  • Managing Money / Engaging in Education or Learning / Engaging in Employment or Volunteering

    • Has opened bank account with assistance from support workeR

    • Pays service charge regularly

    • Has received assistance to apply to maximise his benefits.

  • Physically Healthy / Mentally Healthy / Leading a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

    • Is now abstinent from alcohol and illegal drugs

JW’s current plan is to maintain the significant progress he has made and improve physical health before moving on.  When the time is right to move on he will receive help from Shared Housing staff to find suitable accommodation and will then be supported by our Floating Support Team

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