Case Study - WD

WD had very poor physical health which was constantly deteriorating.

She also suffered with poor mental health which she was not managing well. The client had nearly £1,500 of rent arrears due to a break in her housing benefit. Due to her mental health the client was not able to deal with her correspondence or her eviction and she felt helpless. WD was very isolated and would not inform other people of the issues that she was facing, she was surviving on the wrong benefits for years despite her health needs and she struggled with money on a daily basis.

Support Received

  • Support letter completed to housing benefit explaining WD’s situation and requesting a removal of her debt due to special circumstances
  • Supported appointment to Shelter

  • Support client to attend appeal
  • Support client to complete a discretionary housing payment application for spare bedroom

Outcomes Achieved during support period

  • Managing Accommodation / Managing Relationships / Feeling part of the Community
    • Once the rent arrears were cleared and the eviction was prevented WD was able to understand the importance of keeping on top of her correspondence and she was more aware of the help she can received when facing a difficult situation.
  • Managing Money / Engaging in Education or Learning / Engaging in Employment or Volunteering
    • Once WD started budgeting through the support provided she felt as though she was able to manage her money well, she was also awarded personal independence payment, severe disability premium and she was placed into the support group of employment support allowance, which meant she had much more income. WD was no longer struggling financially due to support.
  • Physically Healthy / Mentally Healthy / Leading a Healthy, Active Lifestyle
    • WD began engaging well with the GP and she was open and honest about her medication and whether or not they were effective. Through support she was able have some trust in her GP and she was regularly making contact with her psychiatrist.

WD hopes to continue feeling happy and positive about the future and although her health holds her back she feels as though it is not impacting her as much as it used to. She is looking forward to a debt free life with no threat of homelessness

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