Case Study - X

Prior to coming to Caer Las, X was a prolific offender of petty crimes. X spent most of his life going in and out of custody. X also suffered with serious substance misuse which was detrimental to his mental and physical health.

After getting a room in Caer Las supported housing, X has managed to refrain from reoffending, remained abstinent from substances, and has now got a job locally and is looking to go full time. Caer Las have assisted with X making the changes that were needed and have now found independent accommodation close to X’s place of work for them to maintain a tenancy.

Outcomes achieved:

  • Feeling Safe / Contributing to the safety & wellbeing of self and others

    • X has not re-offended, refrained from substance misuse and is also working  

  • Managing Accommodation / Managing Relationships / Feeling part of the Community

    • X maintains relationships with their family and manages their accommodation efficiently

  • Managing Money / Engaging in Education or Learning / Engaging in Employment or Volunteering

    • X manages the money they have earnt, when they move on they will become full time in their job

  • Physically Healthy / Mentally Healthy / Leading a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

    • Is now abstinent from substances and lives a healthy lifestyle

Caer Las