Case Study - L


Prior to joining Caer Las L was made street homeless following a relationship breakdown during a time in which he was physically unwell.

Whilst on the streets L self medicated with alcohol in an attempt to starve off an increasing depression which in turn detrimentally effected his physical health. L would also steal and beg to survive and would mainly use what little money he had to buy alcohol. During particularly low points L would self harm and thoughts of suicide would escalate.

With support L was able to register with a GP and seek the medical attention he required to address his mental and physical health. From here L was able to reduce his alcohol consumption which saw improvements in all areas of L’s life. L saw an increase in his quality of life as he was able to sustain a greater level of independence, he has now been accepted for housing with another housing agency.

Outcomes achieved

  • Feeling Safe / Contributing to the safety & wellbeing of self and others

    • L feels safe in the community

  • Managing Accommodation / Managing Relationships / Feeling part of the Community

    • L maintains his room to a very high standard

    • L manages his relationships effectively

  • Managing Money / Engaging in Education or Learning / Engaging in Employment or Volunteering

    • L pays his service charge regularly

    • L received assistance to apply to maximise his benefits.

  • Physically Healthy / Mentally Healthy / Leading a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

    • L attends appointments and continuously works towards a healthy lifestyle

Caer Las