Every member of staff working for Caer Las can take advantage of a full range of professional development opportunities and wider entitlements available to them as employees.


Caer Las believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle and opportunities for its workforce. In this regard, permanent employees will have access to a range of opportunities to assist them in maintaining health and wellbeing, including private health cash plans that provide annual cover towards dental, optical treatments, health screening, consultations and scans and physiotherapy, chiropractic costs etc.


Each member of staff will receive continuous training and development during their time at Caer Las. Starting with a Core Training package, each staff member will undergo the compulsory core training element and also receive refresher sessions on this training annually.


All employees are encouraged to take an active part in moving Caer Las forward strategically.

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In the world of a Support Worker at Caer Las, two days are never the same. 

In our Support Teams, your day could involve meeting a Client for the first time and building a rapport to help them develop their support plan and encourage them to take advantage of opportunities. Your next appointment could be with an existing Client who you have helped put together an appeal for welfare benefits review and today is the big day. You are there to support them in presenting their case and potentially getting a significant back – dated award that will help them clear their rent arrears. Next it is on to a meeting with specialist agencies to discuss a client who faces multiple disadvantages and needs a multi-agency approach to support them with very complex needs that involve mental health issues and substance misuse, how can you all find a way of working together to give your the Client the range of support that they need to address their hoarding issues and save their tenancy ? 

If you are in one of our 24 /7 projects the day is all about helping our Clients to live as independently as possible. No one shift is ever the same. You could be creating risk assessments or helping service users develop a support plan which will help them achieve their goals. Next you could be providing advice and guidance about benefits or helping someone book a doctor’s appointment, before you help someone engage in a community activity, or have an afternoon covering the office desk. 

So - whether you are based in one of our 24 /7 projects, part of the Tenancy or Shared Housing Support teams or devoted to one of our specialist projects your work may well be challenging, but it will always be stimulating and rewarding and you will be part of a team who share your enthusiasm and motivation.