• We believe that everyone has strengths and resources to create their own solutions and build a better life

  • We regard everyone as having equal value and treat people with dignity and respect

  • We are committed to absolute equality and fairness in everything we do

  • We are committed to work with people who experience extreme vulnerability despite the challenges that this may present


In following these maxims and wherever possible, following a ‘Solution Focus’ approach, we can work with Service Users and encourage them to find their own solutions using their own strengths and attributes.

These techniques have facilitated real and sustainable change for individuals.

Ensuring outcomes are achieved and are sustainable when our support ends is dependent on developing a plan that is holistic and addresses need in all life areas which are relevant to the Service User. Once needs and outcomes are identified, our staff work with the Service User to identify SMART actions needed to achieve them , breaking each action down into achievable steps and reviewing the plan regularly to take account of achievements, set new goals or try something different if the plan is not working.


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