Since 1975, CAER LAS has helped thousands of people in Wales to get on with their lives.

By 2020, we hope to support a further


people in Wales to attain the level of well-being to which they aspire

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2020 Vision


Wherever it is possible, Caer Las aims to help and support our service users to achieve greater independence, so that they can:

Feel safe

Be housed, stay housed, clothed, fed and warm


Enjoy improved health

Have a sustainable income


Have a sense of inclusion, self-esteem and confidence

Look positively towards the future


Gain access to mainstream statutory services and advice services



Caer Las currently works with over 1500 people every year. Demand for our services is increasing, and that demand is likely to continue to increase as the challenges of austerity start to have a greater impact.

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In following these maxims and wherever possible, and following a ‘Solution Focus’ approach, we can work with service users and encourage them to find their own solutions using their own strengths and attributes.

These techniques have facilitated real and sustainable change for individuals

Ensuring outcomes are achieved and are sustainable when our support ends is dependent on developing a plan that is holistic and addresses need in all life areas which are relevant to the service user. Once needs and outcomes are identified, our staff work with the service user to identify SMART actions needed to achieve them , breaking each action down into achievable steps and reviewing the plan regularly to take account of achievements, set new goals, or try something different if the plan is not working.



We provide services over three South Wales counties, Carmarthenshire, Swansea, and Neath- Port Talbot.

We provide housing with a support service, tenancy support to people in their own homes, specialist mental health services and prevention of homelessness advice services. We also have a 24-hour hostel, an accommodation service for older people, and some niche projects providing specialist training support and assistance.

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We are proud to notice that so many people we work with make sustainable change to their lives - gaining independence, and enhancing their well-being.

Whatever the type of service they arrive in, we try and establish what it is that the service users want to gain from our work together, and then set about constructing a programme of support that gives them the best chance of attaining their goals.

A great deal of our work involves conversations with service users. Our vision is that wherever possible we should be constructing narratives that are not only useful to the service user, but are led by them, working to their particular aspirations, and working at their pace. Whilst this may sit alongside more pragmatic elements of the work, and at times may represent a smaller percentage of our activities, we fervently believe these ‘solution focused’ conversations are the keys to service users being empowered to make positive changes.