Case Study - LM

LM was in a relationship which broke down because of his alcoholism as a result of this he left the family home and found himself homeless.

He then spent time in an emergency bed with a religious agency, before he was accepted for a place in Swansea Shared Housing.

LM needed support in addressing his drinking and applying for ESA benefit and housing benefit.

With help from support worker at Caer Las he was assisted to complete a housing benefit form and making a claim for ESA. LM was registered with a local GP and supported in attending ADDAS to address his drinking addiction, as he didn’t know how to access these services.

LM has had support in building his confidence and now feels safer, as he is now in supported living. His self esteem was at a low before he moved in.

LM received support in managing his tenancy which involved him applying for housing benefit and making a budget planner so he could pay his service charge, and also to deal with any correspondence. Previously, he would bury his head and ignore any mail.

The main support LM needed was because of his alcohol addiction. He would drink up to two bottles of vodka a day, and even binge drink. He was supported in attending ADDAS where he was referred to CDAT and worked with the team there. With this support from CDAT and ourselves his alcohol dramatically reduced and was accepted onto a detox program in January 2017 which meant him spending a week in a detox centre which he successfully completed and is now abstaining from any alcohol. 

Since completing his detox program LM can now see a future ahead of himself without being dependant on alcohol and was successful in securing a tenancy with another housing agency, after being accepted by the move-on panel. He moved into this property at the end of January 2017 and had minimal support to set up his household bills which he now feels confidant to now control by himself.  He would like to return back to work and will look into this in the future

Caer Las