Case Study - AN

AN Lives in a local authority bedsit. however, due to being a hoarder, he was at risk of losing his tenancy

He would not let anybody into his tenancy due to historical concerns he had.  AN had been temporary rehoused by the local authority in the past because of his hoarding, and had all his belongings put in to a skip. This had a detrimental effect on his mental health which resulted in him having serious trust issues, especially with anybody from the housing department.

AN suffered with severe anxiety and depression which had a big impact on his daily living skills, on one occasion he had been admitted to the local Mental Health Hospital. He also had a long history of amphetamine addiction however, he was engaging well with his substance misuse worker to reduce his script.

AN was supported to engage with Counselling, GP, Psychiatrist, support to address his home conditions and engage with the Local Authority, support to maximise his benefits and apply to Discretionary Assistance Fund for household items.

A referral was made to the counselling services, who supported AN for over 12 months to address his hoarding. While he was engaging with the counselling, he was supported to start engaging with the Psychiatrist who has since removed him from his list due to AN's well-being.  AN was supported to apply for a discretionary assistance fund due to his own house hold items being tremendously old and worn. He was awarded all new electrical items at the value of £900.00 and also a new bed, sofa, curtains etc, at the value of £500.00. AN was receiving low care Disability Living Allowance which to me was apparent he was not claiming the correct benefit entitlement. It was suggested to him that he should make a new claim for the personal independence payment and with encouragement and support he applied for PIP which resulted in him receiving the Enhanced Care component which then enabled him to be able to make a claim for severe disablement premium, and benefits were maximised to an extra £144.00 per week. 

When AN felt at ease and started to have confidence in the support worker, support was given on a weekly basis to dispose of his items that he treasured. Many charity shops were attended. so AN felt he had given back to the community. He was supported to liaise with his gas provider to replace the broken gas meter that had not been used for over two years. AN had allowed workmen to enter his property to install new meter and he was given support him address his repairs. The repairs were needed for the damp in the bathroom and kitchen. A gas safety check was completed, which then empowered him to liaise with the Housing Inspector. AN ended up having new plastered/painted walls in the kitchen and bathroom, new windows and radiators installed in all the rooms.

With support, AN avoided eviction, he is still managing his property and is now currently doing voluntary work, which has helped with his confidence. His long term goal is to remain managing his tenancy independently and return to employment.

Caer Las