Case Study - JM

JM had very poor mental health due to the bereavement of a family member. he was unable to function on a day to day basis and he was getting himself into debt with utility companies as he could not face to manage them.

JM would not leave the house due to his mental health and he was not in receipt of his entitled benefits.  JM was supported:

  • to make applications for personal independence payment
  • to manage his utilities and create payment plans for all
  • in completing a budgeting form
  • to attend WCADA to manage his alcohol issue
  • to attend social groups to make meaningful use of time
  • to engage with GP to manage his mental health
  • to receive bereavement counselling

Outcomes Achieved during support period

●     Feeling Safe / Contributing to the safety & well-being of self and others

  • JM engaged well with local drug agencies, he began attending all of the appointments and also began attending an external project, where he could socialise with others.

●     Managing Accommodation / Managing Relationships / Feeling part of the Community

  • JM was able to manage his finances and his outgoings once he was in receipt of PIP and SDP, he developed an understanding of the importance of managing his bills so that he does not get into debt.

●     Managing Money / Engaging in Education or Learning / Engaging in Employment or Volunteering

  • Once JM started budgeting through the support provided he felt as though he was able to manage his money well, he was also awarded personal independence payment, severe disability premium which meant he had much more income. JM was no longer struggling financially due to support.

●     Physically Healthy / Mentally Healthy / Leading a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

  • JM began engaging well with the GP and he was put onto the correct medication that benefited him immensely. He was also attending bereavement counselling due to support and he felt as though this had changed his whole outlook on life from a negative one to a positive one.  

JM feels very confident that one day he will be able to go back to work and contribute to society again. He hopes that he will come off the medication eventually and be able to live independently without it.

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