Case Study - S

S has spent much of his life living with his family in independent accommodation and engaged in gainful employment as a skilled tradesman.


However, S’s recreational drinking spiralled to an unmanageable extent, with the taboo of alcoholism making it difficult for him to acknowledge the barrier and seek support. Upon S receiving a tragic physical health diagnosis, compounded by his substance misuse issues, S forfeited his employment, experienced a relationship breakdown with his family and found himself homeless, rough-sleeping and socially isolated.

Prior to accessing Caer Las supported accommodation, S’s physical health had deteriorated, his drug consumption spiralled and his mental health declined. S identified his hoped for outcomes to be abstinence, accessing independent accommodation and accessing voluntary / part-time work.

S was supported to identify and implement small, positive changes. S accessed and engaged with the appropriate health professionals whereby he accessed the appropriate care and medication. S was admitted to Hospital for an extended period whereby staff visited him regularly and supported S to sustain his accommodation. S underwent detox, is now abstinent and is implementing relapse prevention advice.

S was supported to identify former tenant arrears and to arrange a repayment plan, which he has been supported to budget for. This cleared the way for S to access sustainable, independent accommodation.

S has since been referred to various housing providers and has been accepted.

Since achieving abstinence and realising the tangible benefits this has had on S’s physical health, S has been supported to approach a voluntary work provider and make enquiries regarding volunteering opportunities. S is optimistic that he will achieve his hoped for outcome of a return to gainful employment.

Caer Las